The internet has forever changed the landscape of the music industry. This is common knowledge to artists who’ve utilized effective digital technologies such as file sharing and digital marketing via an endless number of social media channels. While all of this may seem like painfully obvious information, the fact remains that many musicians still struggle with choosing the right online platforms to upload, share, and promote their music.

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There are a number of sites offering music fans both uploads and downloads at no cost. While they won’t make you rich, they’ll give you access to much wider audiences.

1. Dreytunes

Dreytunes is a Music Sharing Platform Launched 2019 in Nigeria. Its a user based generated contents system where users can sign up and upload their music, lyrics, Podcasts, and Soundtracks. its also aimed at connecting artists closer to their fans with its features such as the follow and chat based messaging system. Recently Dreytunes started offering selected artists on its platform with free music publishing deals, it definately worth the trial

2. Audiomack

Dedicated to original new music, AudioMack is another great site allowing artists to upload unlimited tracks, making them available for fans to download free.

3. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is perhaps the most interesting selection from this list of music platforms. The website is certainly geared toward independent musicians, but it tends to attract more of a niche following of both artists and fans. As a platform that promotes free streaming as well as financial support of the artist, Bandcamp has an all-in-one capability which can prove to be useful for musicians who want to put all of their eggs in one basket. There are plenty of successful artists who have effectively promoted their material on Bandcamp, but be wary, because if your music doesn’t resonate with a particular demographic, it can get lost in the mix.

4. SoundCloud

Founded in 2007, SoundCloud remains as one of the world’s top audio distribution platforms and attracts over 175 million monthly unique visitors. From a free-streaming perspective, SoundCloud has been a longstanding giant, and that won’t change anytime soon. Heralded for its sociability/shareability features, a wide majority of both established major artists and rising talent turn to SoundCloud to upload their music.


NotJustOk is a Nigerian music download website created in June 2006 by Ademola Ogundele. With over 1.2 million viewers per month, from 183 countries, it is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria