Knowing exactly how much streaming services pay out to musicians in royalties has always been a hot topic. The truth however is there’s no simple answer, but we’ll try to explain how much your music could be earning in streaming royalties from platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and more as well as the different factors that affect royalty payments.

Music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and Amazon don’t have a fixed “pay-per-stream” rate when it comes to paying out music royalties to artists.

There are lots of factors that affect how much money one stream is worth in royalties. The main factors include:

– The listener’s country and location

– Whether the listener has a paid subscription or free account

– The specific artist’s royalty rate

– The relative pricing & currency in different regions.

This makes things complicated when trying to predict what an artist earns in streaming royalties. It’s just almost impossible to accurately calculate exactly how much you’ll make from a certain number of streams, as all these factors need to be into account.

However there are a few predictions and estimated rates that are not 100% accurate but would serve as a guide.

A few music services pay out more than others. But keep in mind that some platforms with lower royalty rates may have more users and a wider reach. So a stream from certain platforms might actually be worth more in terms of reach, exposure and building your profile.

Here are the estimated “per-stream” figures


$0.019 per stream


$0.01284 per stream

Apple Music

$0.00783 per stream

Google Play Music

$0.00676 per stream


$0.0064 per stream


$0.00437 per stream


$0.00402 per stream


$0.00133 per stream


$0.0.00069 per view

While these numbers might gives a not too vivid idea of music streaming royalties, it’s important not to think about streaming services solely as money-making platforms.

As you can see it would take a lot of streams to start earning the big bucks – not that it’s not possible! There are loads of independent artists out there doing huge streaming numbers and making a good living solely through streaming royalties. You need to embrace other promotional techniques to help increase your numbers on streaming platform.

However, when you release music on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms, they offer a direct route to new and current fans. Exposure like this is a stepping stone to success.



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