might be stuck indoors, but as evidenced by his recent “Toosie Slide” video, the mansion life doesn’t appear to be quite so stifling. With his new album rollout officially kicking off, Drizzy has decided to strike while the iron is hot, when the masses are taking to social media like never before. Enter “Toosie Slide,” a mellow vibe that finds him inviting his followers to spark up a new dance challenge, clearly having learned a valuable lesson following the success of “In My Feelings.”

As he wanders around his expansive manor in an elaborate long take, Drizzy is kind enough to provide a step by step tutorial. Luckily, the titular dance appears to require minimal coordination, and can likely be learned by the whole family — perfect for the likes of TikTok, with its users feeling like one of the song’s main demographic.

As for the video itself, “Toosie Slide” is solid given the circumstances, its handheld look granted additional style through minimalist editing and set design. Decked in like he’s up to no good, Drake roams through his house as the lighting alternates from warm to a dark neon glow, before reaching his backyard for an explosive display of fireworks. Taking it full circle, in a sense. Check out the new visuals now, and stay tuned for the slew of inevitable challenges to emerge in its wake.