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“How time Flies” – Remember WestLife, see how old they are now.

Seriously time flies so fast faster than the speed of light most times, I don’t know why people keep saying time is slow. When you

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DJ Dipha Barus:Imbuing Music with life,Life with music.

It could be the way Dipha Barus introduces himself as “fully human” that has made him an antithesis to the “young and famous”stereotype: He is someone

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Who Among These 3 Couples Are Your Favorite Celebrity Couple.

Please Don’t Forget To Comment On, Who Is Your Favorite Celebrity Couple. We all know that it is not easy for celebrities when it comes

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Nobody shines forever ;see 20 Nigerian Musicians who thrilled us in the past.

The fact that all the world is a stage; you play your part and off you go should make you to always do your possible

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The Five Records Wizkid has broken.

In 2019, the governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton declared October 6 as Wizkid Day, to honour the Afrobeats star. The reason for this huge landmark

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Meet 5 Top Female DJs in Nigeria.

A female DJ is a woman who can play with vibes as if they were her toys. Skillful and famous female DJs in Nigeria continue


Basket mouth goes into music, drops track on Independence day.

Basket mouth is a popular Nigerian comedian whose real name is Bright Opkocha. Talented, hilarious and fun to be guy, we can say he is

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THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON ICON COLLECTIVE The music streaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. With over 75 million paying subscribers, Spotify

Social media and its Effect on Music streaming.
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Social media and its Effect on Music streaming.

Music Streaming and the social media have completely revolutionized the music industry. Research has shown that Drake and Billie Eilish stream more than the entire

shako by raymond
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Shako By Raymond

Nigerian Artiste who goes by the name ‘Raymond‘ @raytunez_ng on Instagram Releases new Afrobeat — “SHAKO“. This song is a Pure Afrobeat Love song; Enjoy