We would discuss 5 things an artist should consider while trying to build his brand.

1) EPs Are Your Friends

To help develop your artistry, dropping smaller projects compared to full length albums will continue to be the trend for music marketing in 2020. Your audience will be given a better chance of digesting your project and giving it the attention it deserves because of the smaller track list. There is no music law that states artists have to drop a full length album after their debut EP. Some of the most successful and groundbreaking artists in the industry have created a strategy out of dropping multiple EPs with 5 songs or less.

2) Different Branding for Different Projects

Having a specific color story and branding style is important for every artist, but for this next decade, it’s time to give each project a life of its own. Changing up your color story, your font style, your clothing, and other branding strategies according to each project is an easy way to make a statement and remain memorable.

3) Connect with Other Artists

So many musicians come to us and say “How do I open up for Davido or Wizkid?” The answer is you have to work for it. To have a successful career, you can’t skip steps, and chances are the openers for Wizkid and BurnaBoy have been working towards that spot for 10+ years and likely had to open up for artists that no one has ever heard of at a bar that no one ever goes to. So, make connections NOW. Form relationships with other artists in your city and at your career level so that when they gain some traction and need an opener – you’re their first choice!

4) Build Your Mailing List

Most artists are going to read this prediction and skip over it, but the truth is your mailing list is the only thing you “own.” The Instagram followers that you’ve worked so hard to get can be taken away from you in an instant, but the mailing list you’ve built is yours. Most of the time, the fans who will buy your merch, stream your tracks, and buy tickets to your shows are the fans who subscribe to your mailing list, not the fans who like one of your tweets on Twitter. Put your energy in the right place this year.

5) Expand Your Markets

Start to think out of the box this year about what markets you can bring in with your music. Your genre and location are the traditional markets that each artist can bring in, but what else? What hobbies do you love? What communities do you take part in? Utilize these groups of people who, if given the chance, would fall in love with you and your music.



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